Acquire more from the best programs

Instantaneously access connected things

After you’ve duplicated a link to a product, you can easily a藛?hook it’ to a different items. A a藛?hook’ try a contextual two-way link. You’ll be able to a藛?hook’ a product to as much additional products as you would like. As soon as you invoke Hook on products, you find all you has hooked onto it. Conveniently navigate back once again & forward between hooked stuff.

Get a hold of whatever you’ve linked

Various other bookmarking software have actually 2 major limits: capable just save webpages; you should remember to manually incorporate the bookmark. We at CogSci software found the clearest alert of information importance: that you duplicated a link to they!

Therefore, Hook instantly bookmarks what you may link. Not merely webpages, but important stuff from any preferred programs: e-mails, jobs, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. means a??F in Hook for quick satisfaction. Find out more

Url to certain areas in PDFs-Adaptive and shareable!

Choose book in every fully linkable PDF app, use Hook’s a藛?Copy Linka藛? or a藛?Copy Markdown Linka藛?. Paste the hyperlink inside notes, todo record, doc-review responses, activities lists, inside e-mail. Hitting the link will (a) available the PDF, and (b) auto-scroll to that specific place during the file! You can also discuss these links with other people: they’re able to open the contributed files on the Macs, as promised!

From intellectual production creator & cognitive scientist, Luc P. Beaudoin

Each and every day, we work with various documents, email, website pages, and activities across numerous programs and work. Search-tools can really help myself come across details the first occasion. But I additionally should instantaneously access past information highly relevant to my existing focus without looking around once more.

Because most manage a Mac moves around webs of associated sources, we at CogSci programs formulated Hook, and that’s loaded with perfectly earliest information-retrieval functions.

Learn the favorites include exclusive

Hook storage their favorites on your Mac computer. You are able to sync your data across systems with iCloud or a folder that you choose. Anyway, your data commonly delivered to our very own servers. Get the full story.

Stay-in the zone whenever writing

Nobody wants to rummage around for papers whenever they’re on a roll. Remain dedicated to your own writing by letting Hook recall your own synopsis, research content, notes, files, contact info plus right as it’s needed. Discover more.

Become a note-taking ninja

Never ponder once more in what a specific notice is making reference to. Need Hook to brand new (a??N) on almost everything (ebook, PDF, email, etc.) and Hook will quickly generate an innovative new notice inside note-taking app of your choice, and Hook will: list the notice, store it, label they, store they, and connect it towards the items. Invoke Hook on the original product and you will discover a hyperlink your mention, and the other way around! Find out more.

Instantaneously access just about any task info

As opposed to trying to be sure you save yourself various records to certain folders and sub-folders, let Hook push your own most significant come together. As an example, the todo listing can include links to particular data files and emails to the office on! Find out more.

Hook links a raft of good applications on macOS instance DEVONthink, Merlin Project, OmniFocus, RStudio, Craft, Sublime Text, OmniOutliner expert, Curio, nvUltra, Marked2, TextMate, Scrivener, Tinderbox, Bookends, greatchore, Nisus blogger, PDFPen professional, Skim, Obsidian, BibDesk, drawing, OmniGraffle, EagleFiler, Ensure that is stays (by Reinvented program), Things, HoudahSpot, Trickster, LibreOffice, MaiMate, Airmail, Apple Mail,TaskPaper, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, BBEdit, and many other ?Y?S. Hook connects your quest and developing! Find out more.

Appreciate Hook’s adaptive website links to files too

macOS submit:// links are difficult receive; they split once you go the file; and also you can not share thema??i??. Hook document backlinks are a lot much better. Select a file in Finder (or open they), invoke Hook (a??H) and Copy website link (a??C) . You’ll receive a hook://file/ connect. You can move or rename the file without breaking the hyperlink. It’s like a Finder alias; but it’s (a) a web link; (b) more flexible; and (c) shareable. ?Y?S Learn more.

Getting nicer your system: express Hook backlinks

Its a headache for a message asking you to modify a document, and then must enjoy around the Finder, iCloud, Dropbox, or a Git folder to discover the file. With one Hook demand (a??C), it is possible to immediately generate a shareable link that your particular readers can click which reveals the required file on the Mac computer! You can deliver all of them a hyperlink that starts a PDF they usually have on their Mac computer and automatically scrolls toward certain place in this PDF!

Express hyperlinks to emails too! While an email is available or chosen (in fruit email, etc.), invoke Hook, and duplicate back link (a??C) produces a web link to that email; submit it to people, when they hit that hyperlink, Hook opens the email on their Mac.

Provided that the individual gets the discussed document or e-mail, and the complimentary form of Hook: it’s perfectly, and they’ll love you for respecting her time. Who knows, perhaps they are going to go back the favor? Discover more.

Increase through your some other bookmarking program also

Hook expert can automatically bookmarks to Instapaper, GoodLinks and Pinboard. Like that it’s not necessary to take time to include bookmarks to them. And learn more.

Instantly see Markdown website links – to any such thing

If you use Markdown, you’ll love Hook. Hook enables you to instantaneously write Markdown hyperlinks to the present file, website, and much more, that one may paste everywhere. Even write a藛?.hooka藛? data files which have been like aliases and webloc files, but instead contain a plaintext URL or markdown link to everything (x-devonthink-item://, OmniFocus://, whatever you decide and desire!) find out more.

Appreciate interoperability

We at CogSci programs is skilled devs with roots in UNIX exactly who champion interoperability and have now created Hook for eternal incorporate. Hook obeys regular macOS procedures (no hacks no haxies) and appropriate specifications. Hook is actually plaintext friendly. Pro users can check and edit integration scripts. You’ll export/import Hook facts. Hook features an automation API in order to access your entire hyperlinks and execute basic applications. Discover more.

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