Once you have connected to Sauce Labs, provided access to your apps, and configured your tests, you can run your tests from the environment of your choice. For example, if you are running Appium tests through IntelliJ, you can start the test from within the IntellliJ interface or execute the command mvn clean test from a terminal. For espresso or XCUITests, you can use our saucectl CLI command saucectl run to kick off your tests. Whether your test have any dependencies that must also be installed on the test devices and many other settings. For Appium, these settings are configured through capability properties in your test scripts.

sauce labs mobile testing

An example of top devices used worldwide would include devices with screen size between 4.0 – 5.2 with resolution between 640 x 1136px – 1080 x 1920px . Next step is to look for the market shares based on OS and manufacturer. Android , followed by Apple share the market with a majority, with the majority of the Android devices running Marshmallow and Lollipop . So, as you can see, there is a lot of work to do before actually start testing. We put together regularly the top 10 devices of different countries based on their territorial coverage. Bigger companies, such as Spotify and Lyft, invest heavily in their own infrastructure, using Mac Minis and Kubernetes clusters for Android to reduce build time.

Real Device Testing with Appium

Some use Wifi, others communicate directly to a telecom company on a network supporting 3G, 4G, 5G? Thats only the device we havent even gotten to the application running on the device. Do you put test code directly in your app, hidden behind some backdoor and then run test results to a log? Now you are supporting not only the app code, but the apps test code as well.

sauce labs mobile testing

A great way to minimize complexity and reduce boilerplate code for writing Selenium tests with Sauce Labs is to use the Sauce Bindings. It is important to remember to close the browser when you are done with it by calling the quit method on the Remote WebDriver instance. The «submit» method does not accurately simulate how a user would submit the form, so it is recommended to click the Submit button instead. An explicit wait handles the synchronization in the code itself, typically with some form of while loop. When the desired condition is met, the test can continue, and only if the condition is not met after the maximum wait time will the code throw an exception. To find an element, pass your locator method as an argument of a WebDriver API finder method.

Sauce Labs and Qualitest for Mobile Test Automation

Debug faster, facilitate collaboration, increase mobile device coverage, and combine with automated testing to improve your speed-to-market with our Live testing solution. Thanks to Sauce Labs, we are able to ensure that our apps work on over 700 browser/ OS combinations, 172 device emulators and over 300 unique real devices. Mobile testing is complex, and therefore you need a testing platform that can serve your needs and help you address the key challenges throughout the mobile app development lifecycle. BrowserStack offers comparable main features to Sauce Labs but focuses more on ease of use.

  • Enhances continuous integration workflows with better insights into each software build and test processes.
  • Sometimes you need to conduct A/B testing, or document and validate feature parity between different versions of the same app.
  • With this level of competition, a testing strategy that includes expertise in each of these areas, for each region you plan to target, is crucial to success.
  • The number of consumer and enterprise mobile apps have grown exponentially over the last few years, leaving the end user with an humongous number of apps to choose from.
  • Our expert Customer Success team will help you get up and running so you can quickly get the most from Sauce.
  • The market offers a plethora of frameworks to choose from, and the decision isnt always easy.

Upload your mobile app to Sauce Labs to start testing on virtual devices and real devices. Discover the secrets to success in the competitive mobile industry during this webinar on demand. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your mobile app testing and optimize its quality for business success.

Live Testing​

Learn how sharding with each framework can help you accelerate mobile app testing with Sauce Labs. We can accelerate your continuous integration and delivery efforts by enabling you to take full advantage of Sauce Labs unique capabilities. Both products require users to define how the test data maps to the GUIs involved, and users are generally comfortable with this process in each toolset.

Together with testing, continuous integration is vital for mobile app development and testing. Adopting CI early in the development process helps to ensure changes What is Sauce Labs made to the app are validated continuously. Testing is, without a doubt, one of the critical elements of any mobile application development process.

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After building your Android app, you can install it on an Emulator or a real device provided by Sauce Labs for comprehensive testing of push notifications. View test trends across all metrics such as teams, build or application, and platform or browser to determine where you focus your resources. While it is a one-line code change that can potentially reduce the number of failed tests in your suite, it is more of a crutch than a successful long term solution. Tests run on Sauce Labs that set an implicit wait are more likely to be reported as failing than tests that do not set implicit waits. If you’re in a bind, and want to try an implicit wait, make it a small value, set it with the Browser Options when creating the session, and then don’t change it.

sauce labs mobile testing

Due to the signing process for app installation, disabling instrumentation is required to test push notifications on iOS devices. Improve developer productivity by allowing teams to leverage existing Selenium test scripts to capture both functional and front-end performance data in a single test. We’ll show your teams how to develop and automate tests or optimize your existing frameworks. If you upload an app that is signed with an enterprise certificate, and Instrumentation is DISABLED in app settings, you must manually trust the certificate before it will successfully launch. Enabling delays alerts, such as asking for permission to access the camera, to prevent app crashes at startup.Biometrics InterceptionEnable/disable biometrics. Enabling allows you to choose authentication options if your mobile app requires a biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or face recognition on Android, and Face ID or Touch ID on iOS.

Why our customers love Sauce Labs

Those companies also tend to avoid using cloud services due to the prohibitive cost at that scale. Other companies, however, rely on cloud-based services to manage their build and test environments. Several companies prefer bare metal machines in their environments, for example, AirBnb uses MacStadium and Spotify uses Flow Swiss.

Sauce Labs empowers you to run automation tests using the test instrumentation you prefer, so you can achieve total digital confidence in your app’s behavior and performance on any mobile device. Users can define teams, allocate resources by team, and — depending on the purchased plan — do parallel testing. With provided analytics, development managers can review how many tests are run and the pattern of testing, and whether the tests cover the full functionality of the UIs. Sauce Labs also has good team support and team metrics such as data on the rate of changes made, the number of changes and tests run.


BrowserStack also makes its integration with on-site hosting, testing and network resources crystal clear, which users find easy to set up. Development teams can combine local testing and cloud/remote testing and run it repetitively. Tests across web applications, real mobile devices, https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ mobile emulators and simulators to maximize test coverage. With Sauce Labs, you can test your mobile apps on a variety of Android and iOS/iPadOS devices. If you do not have an app, consider using the Sauce Labs demo app for validating your account functionality as well as your tests.

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