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Collection of yard hardware including rakes, spades, clean etc

A WHITE JADE WASH COVER, QING DYNASTYChina, 1644-1912. Of cylindrical type, carved in relief with round fresh fruit carefully incised with mathematical activities on leafy vines, the best and base with key-fret groups and a gankyil (a€?wheel of fortunea€?) symbol. The clear rock of a level white tone with few russet inclusions. Provenance: French private range. Disease: exceptional disease with lesser wear. The material with organic fissures, some of which have developed into good hairline splits over time. Weight: 39.9 g sizes: level 8.8 cm??…a»?c™?cZ‰c­†e“‹ a?­a?‹i??1644-1912a€‚a‘?a?“?Y±a??i??c??c?Z?µ®e›•a?“a???°??z?a»?a?Se—¤?z?i??e ‚e??a’?a?•e??a??e¦‹a–??—‹i??a€?a‘?e?‹a?‹e??a€?i?‰c?‹a€‚ c™?e‰?cs„a?Se€???ZcY?e ­i????‰c?°a?®eµ¤e¤?e‰?cs„a†…???a€‚ a?†???i?s??•a?‹c§?a???”¶e—? a“?c›?i?sc‹€?????µa??i??c?????a°?a€‚ cZ‰cY?a†…??‰a¤©c„¶e?‚c?‹i??es?e‘—?™‚e–“cs„?µ?e€?i??a…¶a?­a?€a?›a??e?????c™?a±•???c?°a°?cs„e?‚c?«a€‚ e‡?e‡?i?s39.9 a…‹ a°?a??i?se«? 8.8 aZ?c±?

Bach Stradivarius 37 trumpet, with circumstances, serial numbers 545352, as well as Dennis Wick 1CW and Rudy Muck 19C mouthpieces and add-ons such as trumpet stay, tunes clip, clean, oil package etc.

String of finished bone beads L77cm, another L51cm a ladies Bula 17 jewel action wristwatch on marcasite strap, a Goldie & Co hatters of Malton crumb comb along with other costume necklaces

a nineteenth century Japanese Satsuma crackle glaze brush container, depicting elders amongst cherry bloom, increased in gilt, (af) 18cmH; alongside an added Chinese enamelled cooking pot

An Edward VII gold and tortoiseshell installed dressing desk put by Mappin and Webb, schedules from 1910 to 1913, containing a set of brushes, one hair brush, a hands mirror, a pair of jewelry box, a pin tray, a dust container and a fragrance container, all made with inlaid sterling silver pique try to the tortoiseshell

A LITTLE INTERESTING CHINESE SIMULATED BAMBOO MOULDED CERAMIC CLEAN POT, embellished with three rings of phoenix, satisfied level to base, 12cm large.

a couple BEGINNING PERHAPS 12TH CENTURY CHINESE CELADON CRACKLE GLAZED COMB WASHERS, both with a celadon floor and a crackle glaze, 6.5cm large & 3.5cm large. (2)

A 18TH / 19TH 100 YEARS CHINESE BLUE & WHITE DRAGON container / HAIR BRUSH CLEAN, ongst stylized clouds, the base with an eight personality level, 14cm.

A Continental belated 19thC metal table stand, of serpentine kind, with two lidded ink wells flanking a clean container with two pen holders, embossed with scrolling foliage, brought up on four switched brass legs, 35cm wide, with a double unit page rack, and a blotter. (3)

A Kayser very early 20thC crumb scoop and brush, white metal, embossed with flowers and foliage, alongside a French brass twin taken care of tray embossed with flowers, 29cm large, and a steel pencil tray embossed with pheasants, 21.5cm broad. (3)

A 19thC wooden corkscrew, with a metallic worm, wash, and brass cap and cycle connection, 14cm high, further corkscrew, 12.5cm highest, and a spare worm, with a Sheffield dish wines funnel. (4)

A George V plain silver backed tresses brush and clothing wash, Birmingham 1922, and a further silver-backed hair clean engraved to ‘Doris’, Birmingham 1921. (3)

a matched assortment of four silver mounted dressing tablewares, containing; a hands echo, a give brush and two clothing brushes, alongside an additional silver mounted hair brush and two silver-plated mounted drink coasters

a blended countless hallway salts, numerous silver handled items, a Norwegian Sterling viking ship salt, a pair of pepper containers designated Sterling, a silver backed brush, a little heart-shaped pill box including different silver-plate including a pair of WMF foods etc.

Push along Karcher KMC floor clean program. blackpeoplemeet nedir Unavailable for in-house P&P, get in touch with Paul O’Hea at Mailboxes on 01925 659133

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